Occupational Safety and Health

Our business recognises state-based legislation and has a strong focus on developing workplaces that are safe and healthy. This is fundamental to our company culture and is imbedded within all aspects of our training and education programs.

In addition to simply complying with all relevant state laws and government policies, we continuously look for different ways to improve and expand our safety credentials. We believe this makes us an employer of choice and a preferred supplier with our clients.

All our employees undertake a comprehensive training program before working within our business. This education includes identifying, reporting and managing risks and hazards in the workplace. Re-training and re-education systems allow us to ensure that our people are armed with the most up to date skills perform their duties and maintain a safe work environment for themselves, our clients and the general public.

We have invested substantial resources over many years developing a OHS system so that workplace risk and hazards are mitigated. This is an ongoing commitment that our people at Aussie Retail Services undertake in their day-to-day business.