Our People

Aussie Retail Services is operated and managed by a team of senior managers with international business experience in a wide range of industries. By utilizing the specialist skill sets that each senior manager has, at Aussie Retail Services you can be assured that your business is being supported by a highly capable organisation who is professional and dynamic in the way we deliver our services.

Local Labour

As a service based organization, our people are our business. We therefore pride ourselves on using a diverse range of local people from within the fabric of the community. By providing hands on training and support to our staff, we consistently strive to improve our practices to deliver the essential services that retail businesses need everyday.

Training and Development

By selecting our people from varied backgrounds, we provide the ideal employee with a role to suit their skills. We provide ongoing training and development to these people and seek feedback from the front line so that we can find way to improve our service.

Social Responsibility

At Aussie Retail Services we understand the importance of our social responsibility in providing employment opportunities to a range of people. We focus on recruiting ex-military service people, those deemed long-term unemployable and people with select disabilities.