Aussie Retail Services has been specializing in retail support services for over 20 years. We have a proven track record in collecting shopping carts, cleaning supermarkets, department stores and commercial retail spaces by providing a range of ancillary services to some of the world’s biggest brands.

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About Us

Aussie Retail Services has been specializing in retail support services for over 20 years. We have a proven track record in providing the essential services needed in cleaning, shopping cart collection and in-store support for the retail industry.

Our support services, particularly commercial cleaning have been widely used in some of the worlds biggest companies and organisations.

Our Business has the resources, experience and dedication to offer and provide a wide range of services to assist businesses in allowing them to focus on their core market. We are proud of how we deliver this and focus on being the best at what we do.

Brands we work with

At Aussie Retail Services we work with large multinationals, medium enterprise businesses and luxury brands providing the essential services needed to continue their day-to-day operations; whilst they focus on their customers and clientele.

Well known brands such as Kmart, Hilton, IKEA, Louis Vuitton, Target and Marriott have entrusted Aussie Retail Services with their businesses to assist them in delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Our Services

At Aussie Retail Services we assist businesses in the retail industry by providing a range of essential services to allow businesses to concentrate on what they do best. We endeavour to find a cost-effective and productive solution by tailoring our service to your business needs.

What We Do

At Aussie Retail Services we deliver our services by:

  • Customizing the services offered to our clients for a tailored approach – with a view to meeting the clients needs and expectations;
  • Assuming responsibility for support services allowing our clients to focus on what they do best;
  • Provide our clients with systems and reports for enhanced service delivery;
  • Creating the most cost effective solution for your business needs;
  • Allowing for flexibility in our services to meet the changes of our clients business;
  • Establishing contract performance measurement criteria;
  • Careful selection of tools and equipment to aid productivity; and
  • Monitoring safety in all aspects of what we do

In addition to this we only select appropriate people for the job and task. This ensures that our services are delivered professionally and correctly at all times.

Service Integration

We appreciate that our clients value their own brand and prefer to promote this as much as possible within store locations. At Aussie Retail Services, we offer the ability to fully integrate our people into the corporate image of the store by wearing the clients uniform and adopting the brand on any equipment or tools as needed.

Service Delivery

Aussie Retail Services provides a range of services to the retail industry.

Shopping Carts: 

  • Collection and retrieval for both centre perimeter and suburb perimeter (“street-run”);
  • Repairs and Maintenance;
  • Cleaning and Sanitization

In-Store Services:

  • Porter Service;
  • Bagging and Delivery;
  • Shelf stacking, filling and product facing;
  • Cleaning – Night and Day;  and
  • Fire Safety Management and Compliance


Our People

Aussie Retail Services is operated and managed by a team of senior managers with international business experience in a wide range of industries. By utilizing the specialist skill sets that each senior manager has, at Aussie Retail Services you can be assured that your business is being supported by a highly capable organisation who is professional and dynamic in the way we deliver our services.

Local Labour

As a service based organization, our people are our business. We therefore pride ourselves on using a diverse range of local people from within the fabric of the community. By providing hands on training and support to our staff, we consistently strive to improve our practices to deliver the essential services that retail businesses need everyday.

Training and Development

By selecting our people from varied backgrounds, we provide the ideal employee with a role to suit their skills. We provide ongoing training and development to these people and seek feedback from the front line so that we can find way to improve our service.

Social Responsibility

At Aussie Retail Services we understand the importance of our social responsibility in providing employment opportunities to a range of people. We focus on recruiting ex-military service people, those deemed long-term unemployable and people with select disabilities.

Our Policies

Environmental Policy

We are a business committed to preserving the natural environment and adopt worlds’ best practice in all aspects of our operations.

As part of our independent certification, we continually look for new ways to improve our ‘green’ credentials. We are conscious of this on a day-to-day basis and foster  a culture of continuous innovation.

Occupational Safety and Health

Our business recognises state-based legislation and has a strong focus on developing workplaces that are safe and healthy. This is fundamental to our company culture and is imbedded within all aspects of our training and education programs.

In addition to simply complying with all relevant state laws and government policies, we continuously look for different ways to improve and expand our safety credentials. We believe this makes us an employer of choice and a preferred supplier with our clients.

All our employees undertake a comprehensive training program before working within our business. This education includes identifying, reporting and managing risks and hazards in the workplace. Re-training and re-education systems allow us to ensure that our people are armed with the most up to date skills perform their duties and maintain a safe work environment for themselves, our clients and the general public.

We have invested substantial resources over many years developing a OHS system so that workplace risk and hazards are mitigated. This is an ongoing commitment that our people at Aussie Retail Services undertake in their day-to-day business.

Quality Assurance

In order to meet our customers needs and expectations, we use a Quality Management System (QMS). This system includes several mechanisms to ensure that our service levels consistently meet or exceed client requirements. They include processes of recruiting suitable people for the role, providing adequate training and resources and regularly reviewing all tasks.

Contact Us

Our Address:

C/- KPMG 21700 Oxnard Street

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